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Romagna’s cuisine is rich in dishes and recipes born from ancient traditions. The characteristics of the Romagna cuisine are eminently peasants. The contribution of seafaring culture is decisive in the cuisine of the Romagna Riviera. Great is the swine tradition, rich in recipes. The most prized dairy production in cesenate.
Typical dishes of the Romagna cuisine
Cappelletti, Garganelli, Gnocchi, Passatelli in brodo o asciutti, Tagliatelle, Tortelli,Strozzapreti, Patacucci e fagioli.
Salumi romagnoli, Castrato,Ciccioli di maiale,Coppa,Cotechino,Prosciutto, Salsiccia matta, Pollo-galletto arrosto, Brodetto alla marinara, Coniglio proviene dalle colline del Cesenate.

Spaghetti allo Scoglio


Spaghetti with a rock is a great classic of the kitchen, a first dish of sea where you can taste all the intense flavor of fresh fish. Mussels, clams, squid, shrimps and shrimps are the protagonists of the sauce that accompanies the pasta cooked al dente. Choose the likes spaghetti you prefer or alternatively use another pasta format, such as Tagliolini or linguine; The important thing is that it is long to better accommodate the delicious seasoning that accompanies it.

Lasagne Ragù alla Bolognese

Flour/eggs/minced meat/tomato sauce

Butter a pan in rectangular shape, place on the bottom a little ‘ meat sauce with a spoon and then a layer of dough. To follow, add a layer of béchamel, one of ragù, a sprinkling of Parmigiano Reggiano and, finally, another layer of pasta. Form several layers, letting the last one remain “open”, with a nice sprinkled of parmesan cheese. Then bake the baking tray at 180 ° for about 30 minutes and let the lasagna cool down 10 minutes before putting them on the table. If you want to make your lasagna even softer and more tasty on the palate you can add a flake of butter to each layer.

Mixed fried Adriatic


The fried fish is one of the most appetizing and appreciated dishes of all time: squid rings, shrimp and crispy fish and scented with fresh lemon juice. A summer dish, perfect to be enjoyed on summer evenings, perhaps at the seaside, where fishermen fall in port with crates overflowing with fish of all kinds, glistening like a steel blade, which you can buy directly and then cook. And the mixed fry is a dish that can be prepared at home, following some indication because it remains light and digestible.

La Piadina
Queen of the table

The Piadina Romagnola, or even Piada, of which Piadina was originally the diminutive, is a foodstuff composed of a pastry of wheat flour, lard or olive oil, bicarbonate or yeast, salt and water, which is traditionally cooked on a plate of terracotta , said Pan (Teggia in Romagnolo), but today most commonly it is cooked on metal plates or on plates of refractory stone called texts (Tëst in dialect). It is, to put it with Giovanni Pascoli, “bread, indeed the national food of Romagna”: In fact, it was first of all for the poorest. In the interior Romagna is prepared slightly thicker, while on the coast, for example in Rimini, is pulled thinner.

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